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*  Fullbloods  *
Bringing Proven Genetics to Montana
** Please stay tuned, will be updating with our SOTR Does!!!
CJR Xtra Brassy
Granddaughter of the 2007 ABGA and IBGA Reserve National Champion Boer Buck “Main Event”. She is thick, long and packed with muscle. Xtra has 6 national champions in her pedigree. Her Grand Dam DSM 137 produced the 2008 National Champion “Wide Load” and the 2010 National Champion “Hot Commodity”.
Xtra Brassy 2011 USBGA Daktana Overall Reserve Grand Champion Doe
* Standing on the Rock Purebred Boer Does *
Bringing Proven Genetics to Montana
CPK Geraldine (Aka Maddie)
She is 94% American Purebred out of a Copper Penny Champion Buck, Mr. Incredible (Ennobled) and Leaning Tree Madeline (Ennobled). She is thick, long and a beautiful doe and throws great kids . Geraldine is a granddaughter of Tarz-N-Pipes. Daughter of Elite Ennobled, 2 time USBGA National Champion Madeline
Holly 2011 USBGA Daktana 1st Place
 6-9 mth Boer Doe Class
Beautiful Show Quality Doe out of GForce.  She is a granddaughter of the RRD Gauge.  The Gauge line has stamped this doe with great feminine qualities ,yet she packs very nice muscle.
DLDF Tomika
We wanted more Bo Jangles Bloodlines and we got it!!  She is double bred Bo Jangles on her Dam's side along with RRD Gauge and on the top just as impressive with RNT's Intimidation, Blue Chip and Capriole's Black Tie Affair.
DLDF Shiver Again
The picture expresses this does beauty and power.  She is has one of the prettiest roman heads we have seen.  She has won against fullbloods in livestock judging.  She is genetically put together, which shows in her physical attibutes.  3 line pedigree: RRD Cannon, Eggs Tra Bullet Proof, Eggspensive PowerPlay, Caprioles Taking Credit, Eggs T423, Eggs S235, 2Dox Amigo, Pistolero, 2Dox Bolero (son of Bingo).
2011 Western Montana Fair Open Class 
Overall Grand Champion Boer Doe

Maul Miss Ammo
We wanted more Ruger and we GOT it. This doe is “Reloaded”. She is out of Reloaded Ammo (Ruger ReLoaded x Smokin Hot) and Xtenders Loxie (Top Gun2, Big 85, Lobola and Ubora the 1997 and 1998 Reserve National Champion Boer Buck)

CJR Holly
We wanted this doe to compliment our Boer Bucks. So we brought in a Bo Jangles (2006 ABGA National Champion Buck) granddaughter. Her sire is a muscle packed buck BJ’s Tyrant (Bo Jangles x Ash Creek Faith) and her Dam Jars Hiedie (Top Gun 2, OH What a Leroy double bred Kaptien).

Maul Cinnamon Twist
We are excited about this beautiful paint doe. She is out of Maul War Dancer and Munchkin. She is double bred Painted Warrior with Eggsfile, Nico Botha, Pillio, Nasdaq and Mojo Magic on the Bottom.

Maul Pollyanna
Nice doe out of Maul PW’s War Dancer. We should get nice color out of her.
She is double bred Painted Warrior (Ennobled). She is out of Der War Paint Bloodlines
Beautiful Show Quality Doe out of GForce. She is a granddaughter of the RRD Gauge. The Gauge line has stamped this doe with great feminine qualities ,yet she packs very nice muscle.
Libr Enigma
Beautiful Show Quality Doe out of GForce. She is a granddaughter of the RRD Gauge. The Gauge line has stamped this doe with great feminine qualities, yet she packs very nice muscle.
CAPRI Smashing Success
Very well built doe with lots of muscle and heavy boned.  She is loaded with RRD genetics.  Daughter of RRD Cyclops, grandaughter of RRD V684 (son of RRD Brass Shot), RRD963(full sister to Collateral Damage) and RRD V808 (son of RRD Ruger).
DLDF Moon Alley
Sire: Taking Credit
Dam: Malibu Moon
This doeling is genetically stacked and will be a great addition to our herd to build stud bucks.  She is granddaughter of Eggs Tra Bulleproof - Ennobled, Empire Maker - Ennobled, Collateral's Grace - Ennobled and Eggs W821.
SOTR Pistol Packin Mama
A muscular and stylish U.S. Marshal and Dear Abbey daughter.  Wide clean chested, strong topline, powerful hind quarters.  Granddaugher of Smokin Hot Ruger  - Ennobled and 2Dox Amigo - Ennobled
2012 Western Montana Fair Open Class Overall Grand Champion Breeding Doe (class of 18)
SOTR Cookie Cutter
Sire: Texas Tornado
Dam: Smashing Success
2012 Western Montana Fair Open Class Overall Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Doe (class of 18)
Hobby You're R Truffle
Out of the wide, long ,heavy muscled Ennobled Buck Yabukova.  This doe carries alot of capacity and mass, yet with femininity.  She is loaded with lots of meat, muscle and frame.  This girl a has deep rooted Don Smith Pedigree.  Her Granddam is a red original Canadian doe Arjen Chocolate AU Lait

As we strive to continue to breed the best possible Boer Goats, to stay competitive in the industry and offer our customers top quality Boer Goats.  Our does are out of some of the most proven, productive, genetics in the Boer Goat Industry.  Crossing them with the length, heavy muscling and style of our bucks should be an impressive combination.
Hobby NWC Kaddie
This doe is out of the wether producing machine "The Navigator".  He puts on some of the best racks and adds some amazing style to his kids.  Kaddie comes out of a champion family,  as well as a maternal family.  Her genetics go back to TLB Ripper, DSM Snort, EDSR Gus and Wild Cherry
Currently we operate with 60 head of breeding does (not all are pictured)
4LP MS Top Spot
 She is a very exceptional FullBlood Doe.  With some new genetics that we currently have not had.  Genetics include BDF Another Notch and her sire a very popular Midwest Buck, 2M Boer Goats Over the Top, Ennoblment Pending and she has Farmers Genetics on her Dam side.

SOTR Cinnabon
Sire: U.S. Marshal
Dam: Cinnamon Twist
Standing On The Rock Ranch Registered Percentage Boer Does
SOTR Bubblewrap
Sire: Bo Hunter
Dam: Bo Peep
April Fools 2013 ABGA Sanctioned Show
3 - 6 mth class - 2nd out of 7 under Judge David Carter - Virginia

Updated 5/3/15
SOTR Bo Ammo
Sire: Bo Hunter
Dam: Miss Ammo
​April Fools 2013
 ABGA Sanctioned Show
0 - 3 mth  - 3rd place out of 19 
 under Judge Jack Talley - Texas

April Fools 2013 ABGA Sanctioned Show
6 - 9 mth class - 5th out of 8th under Judge Jack Talley - Texas
Entering the show ring
* Wether Does *
Bringing Proven Genetics to Montana
"Mud Puppy"
Catfish x ​Patron
What a privilege to have this doe here. It is not easy finding a doe that possesses this kind of power. Wide shallow chest, big backed, big rear, and extreme round ribbed. This girl will be a wether making factory! Unregistered Doe ​
"Jungle Juice"
Catfish x Patron
Catfish might be the stoutest, heavy muscled Kelly buck​​ produced. This catfish daughter has that amazing combination of muscle and style. When you look at building show wethers this doe possesses the right genotype and phenotype. Unregistered Doe
Smashmouth x 2034 (Disco x Gun's N Roses​)
First off I am going to thank Bronc Fleming for the opportunity to own a piece of these genetics. A flush mate sibling to our power house wether buck Smackdown.  All I can say is the right pieces are here, nicely muscled and just stunning to look at. Unregistered Doe​
"Mad Dash"
Smashmouth x 2034
​(Disco x Gun's N Roses)
Another flush mate to Smackdown. I will say this picture does this doe no justice. Show doe, absolutely​. Wether dam, oh yeah. Like Smackdown, this doe has that signature Smashmouth front end, powerful hind quarter. Big racked, big loined, and super big hipped. Guess she is Bourne Identity's new lady. Unregistered Doe
SOTR Gotta Lotta Booty
Sire: BoHunter
Dam: Top Spot